5D Cinema – This is a very popular form of entertainment, that combines film projection in 3D, with many realistic special effects, such as: moving seats, water, snow, wind, fire, bubbles and more. By combining the real effects of the 3D image, the viewer feels on your own skin all the effects of the film. 5D Cinema is a great attraction for children, youth and adults. Each user will find in the repertoire, something just right for himself.

In our offer you can find new and used 5D Cinema. The equipment offered by us, is built with the best components available on the market. We use only the proven solutions. Particularly distinctive element of our cinema, are electric motors that generate motion platform.

As a company registered in the European Union, we issue an invoice 0% for the VAT. Do you have doubts? Send us an e-mail.

Films 5D Cinema – we cooperate with renowned world producers / distributors. We offer a very large package of films, which consists of nearly 200 films.

Many of our production is international hits of 5D. Well developed scenarios, visual effects, surround sound, realistic environment and precise execution, allows us to collect very good opinion among customers.


Package 200 films!


To each 5D cinema comes with a suite of 200 unique films. Among them are videos for children, comedy, racing sci-fictions or even horror. Already you have a movie theater? It is possible, we installed the software from the video – just for you!

Oculus Rift!

Oculus Rift is a virtual reality helmet. Watched movies take on a new character. Through Oculus, the viewer takes the role of the main action hero. The experiences associated with being in a virtual reality, are comparable with the real world.

Oculus is connected to the a desktop computer, whose function is to generate three-dimensional image and sound. Oculus Rift with your computer, does not require much space. Oculus may be additional to your business or proposed main attraction for customers.